Birds Eye®

With more than 40 unique vegetables and countless ways to enjoy them, from pure and simple vegetable favorites to sauced and seasoned sides and steamed varieties, Birds Eye® gives consumers limitless possibilities to complete the meal with vegetables every day.

Birds Eye® introduced steam-in-the bag technology to the frozen category in 2006 with Birds Eye® Steamfresh®, providing delicious side dishes and chef-inspired value-added sides conveniently cooked in the microwave in minutes. Discover all of the great Steamfresh® varieties today!

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Birds Eye<sup>®</sup>

Birds Eye® Applauded By Health Leaders For Making A Difference In Feeding Kids Better

PARSIPPANY, N.J. (March 7, 2013) -- Birds Eye, a brand of Pinnacle Foods, is taking a unique approach to our nation's childhood obesity crisis – an approach that suggests